Veggie Garden Preparation

The end of January signals various things to my family:  that birthdays are approaching (the girls) Christmas batch-cooking freezer meals are finally coming to an end (husband) and the need to sort out the garden after months of abandonment and rain (me).

With snow gear on and spades in hand, we cleared the remnants of last summer’s leeks and strawberries and spread over a thin layer of compost. After a good rake of the soil we let the worms happily begin their feast. 

It is important to have equal parts of green and brown waste when preparing veggie patches – Green waste is ‘wet’ and is made up of fruits (no citrus fruits) tea bags, egg shells etc. It breaks down quickly and releases Nitrogen.  Brown waste is ‘dry’ and breaks down much slower while releasing Carbon.  Twigs, paper, straw and hay are all brown waste and provide some structure to your compost as well as creating pockets for good air circulation in the soil.

No real hurry or pressure to do this though, a good organic soil conditioner does the same job if you don’t have compost bin.

Bon Appetit worms!