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Hi I’m Erin – thanks for stopping by. I am an educator by profession, a mama by heart & soul and a healthy, mindful living enthusiast by (accidental) choice.  I believe we all have the knowledge and skills we need to thrive in this manic world, yet taking it back to basics is the key – conscious purchasing and cooking of whole foods produced by the earth, creating a happy and healthy relationship with food and getting your hands dirty in the soil!

My life is pretty ‘ordinary’ – a full time job, a family, dozens of incomplete to-do lists and a mountain of washing that never seems to shrink, yet in my heart I want to teach my daughters some of the old wisdom that is disappearing from modern times, the wisdom that is focused on happiness and personal well-being. I truly believe life doesn’t always have to be as stressful as we make it.

My two golden rules are:

  • Taking time to look after yourself is not a selfish thing to do
  • Making space in your life and family time to explore, imagine and create is important.

I’m honored you dropped by, friend.

I hope you are able to find the information and support you need, to become the best version of YOU.  

Wishing you have a lovely day.

Erin x



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5 thoughts on “Meet Erin

  1. Congratulations on your blog! I teach Environmental Systems and Societies to highschoolers and your approach is exactly what we need to be gearing toward. Proposing a different paradigm for living (food production, transportation, energy sources, waste disposal, access to fresh water – and the list goes on) is what we need to teach the new generation and your blog can help us do that. If possible, post lists of local sustainable food suppliers, if you happen to come across any?

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