Make some personal memories. Step 32: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

Today is my last day at school for this academic year and the sun has been shining all week to help me celebrate 🙂 (Sunshine is big thing in Belgium!)

This will be the last step for in our awesome Small Steps to Big Change Wellness program for a few weeks, as I need to heed my own advice and disconnect for a while, in order to reconnect with myself, my family and my goals. But have no fear, we’ll meet up again in September!

Step 32 Make some personal memories

While social media is truly amazing at keeping old friends connected, and creating new relationships, it has become a bit like an online diary. We are so used to sharing Every. Single. Moment with our online community, that sometimes we can forget to actually ENJOY THE MOMENT! 

So during this break from our organised wellness program, please take some moments just for you, without your phone or camera. Just breathe them in. 

Enjoy the little things in life. Someday, you’ll realise they were the big things.

Have a great break, dear friends. I’ll miss you.

Erin xx

Hello Holidays!





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