Look back and celebrate the wins. Step 31: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

Hi friends. I hope you’re doing well today and have some sunshine to look at! 

I’ve just ventured outside again, after locking myself away to write my end of year reports for my students.  It’s a time of year I actually quite enjoy though; apart from the sore hands from all the typing – WHY didn’t I pay more attention in typing class to be able to use ALL my fingers?!

I enjoy it because I can look back at the year and see just how far they have progressed. It sounds uber-cheesy, but it really is a celebration of their learning!

Now you’re going to do the same 🙂

Step 31: Take a look back and celebrate the small wins

Take a look back at this list of all the steps so far, and celebrate in all the small steps you have made to support your health, happiness and overall awesomeness. WOOP WOOP!

It’s also a good chance, to see if any bad habits have crept back in….have the soda’s appeared in the fridge again? are you Netflix binging right before you try and go to sleep? is your family in a food rut?

And if the bad habits are back, don’t stress! Just acknowledge them and resolve to change them over the summer. Everything is easier in the summer. (Sorry to my big sister, who is now in Oz where it’s winter, but she gets it!)

Next week will be the last step in our wellness program until September, as I’m off camping with my family over the summer to disconnect and reconnect. I need to listen to my own advice sometimes 😉

Until next time, friend.

Erin xx

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