Clean up your makeup. Step 27: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

I have a real love / hate relationship with makeup and skincare products. On the one side, I’m a bit of a cosmetics junkie, with a full range of tubes and pots in my bathroom, all designed to make me feel as if I’m getting younger and prettier with every application.

But there is a darker side to the cosmetics industry that I utterly detest. A side which involves innocent animals, chemical ingredients and unethical multinational companies.

Why are we outraged when we see footage of animals being mistreated on the news, yet buy beauty products that have potentially done similar deeds, but just in the name of beauty and skincare?

Why do we choose organic food over regular food but feel ok doing the exact opposite for our skincare?

This week is about respecting our skin, the environment and our animal friends.

Step 27: Clean up your make-up

Gone are the days when only the body shop or some dusty alternative shop, sold ethical makeup. Now there are hundreds of amazing, ethical companies out there, which stock gorgeous products to support your skin and to accentuate your already gorgeous self! But I wanted to introduce you to Jane Iredale. Her skincare and beauty products are just stunning, and aren’t massively over priced or over marketed.  Pop over to the site and take a look. 

Conscious skincare has never been so sexy!

I was totally unaware of this until a few weeks ago, when during my frenzied house clean up, I happened to look at the ingredients on some of the products. WOW. I went on to remove 80% of the chemical laden products in my bathroom and set out to find ethical, quality, replacements. This is how I stumbled upon Jane Iredale. And I’m hooked.


Now you’ve heard me say this a bunch of times, but I’ll say it again… step at a time!  Please don’t feel you have to chuck out all your expensive products and pay a fortune to replace them all at once.

Baby steps.

I still use “regular” shampoo, shower gel and sunscreen.  But I will be looking to replace these with more conscious choices when I buy new ones.

So spend some time this week, looking at your makeup and skin care. Is it nourishing your skin? Is it produced by an ethical company? Is it animal cruelty free?

If not, then pick one item and replace it. Below are some great reviews and info sites which may help you in getting started.

Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Content online beauty shop

Review to 18 Natural And Organic Make up companies

On behalf of your skin, animals, and the environment


Erin xx

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