Feed your mind with a passion project. Step 24: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

Back to school this week after a lovely break. A bit of distance or difference is always good for the soul.

This week isn’t about feeding your body or supporting your gut. It isn’t about planning your meals or assessing your kitchen. It’s about feeding and supporting your mind.

Step 24 – Feed your mind with a passion project.

I am very aware of my own darker side. The part of my brain that tells me I’m not good enough. Or clever enough. Or pretty enough. It whispers to me at parties and events and encourages me to move closer to the edge and to keep my mouth shut. And just as I’m about to fall asleep, it plants more seeds of doubt in my mind to ensure its power will continue to grow the next day.

Most days I am aware of this darkness. I acknowledge it and thank it for its opinions and then ignore it as best I can.

Other days I’m not so successful.

One of the single most powerful things I have done to manage my anxiety and dark thoughts has been personal learning. And even if you don’t struggle with mental illness, I still believe in the power of continued learning. I guess it’s the teacher in me!

I like to call it passion learning, as I always study something I’m interested in. It could be a language, french cooking, rock guitar or even photoshop. Anything that is just for you and not a required part of your day.

My mama is busy researching her family tree and she can lose herself for hours in old parish records and census results. It doesn’t feel like work to her. It’s passion learning. And it makes her tremendously happy and I adore talking to her about it, as she is so vibrant and full of energy when she updates me on her findings.

You may be thinking that you couldn’t possibly find the time for passion learning. You work full time, with a young family and have a whole bunch of other crap to get done in a day. And I respect that. But it’s amazing how you will want to MAKE the time for yourself once you get going.

It’s a treat to spend time for yourself, learning something that gets you buzzing.

Something that makes YOU feel vibrant and full of energy.

Two FANTASTIC sites that may interest you are Coursera and FutureLearn.  You can take FREE courses with them in just about anything. If you want to pay for a certificate, then you can, but if it’s just for interest, most courses are totally free of charge.  I’ve done a bunch of them and I think they’re fab.

So during your next cup of tea or coffee, put down your phone, and have a think about what it is that you would really like to learn about. Is there a skill you wish you had? Or a creative side you’d like to play around with?

Passion is where your mind goes when it wanders (5)

What is YOUR passion. Make sometime for it this week and feed your mind with all the beautiful information surrounding it.

Have a sweet day, everyone.

Erin xx

PS. On a serious note, dear friends, depression and anxiety are silent killers. I know friends and family that fight a continual battle with mental illness and it is NO JOKE. No-one should go through that struggle alone, so if you are finding your dark side is taking over your day, PLEASE talk to someone about it. Or email me – I’ve got your back.

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