Social Media Spring Clean. Step 23: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

When the topic of social media comes up in our teacher’s room it’s almost as explosive as talking American Politics or Brexit.  Opinions range from “what’s the big deal? I can keep in touch with family and friends back home” to “it was a major factor in my depression and anxiety”.

Social Media is a prominent feature in most of our lives and I believe it has enormous professional and personal benefits. But is also has a darker side. A side than can cause you to feel somewhat inadequate if your news feed is full of super bendy yogis when you are struggling with back pain from being sat at work for too long. Or when your mama-friend posts pictures of a spectacular party she threw for her 3 year old, complete with homemade nutrient dense food, a craft activity and hemp party bags filled with seeds. Well done to that mama, who probably busted her ass to make that happen. If that’s what she wanted to do then good on her. That doesn’t mean YOU have to do it too. If you took your kid and his friends to grab a pizza at the play centre – good on you too. Both of you freaking rock in my opinion, for taking time out of your own life to do something nice for your little person.

For some social media can also be pretty addictive. This site estimates that we spend on average 2 hours a day checking our various social media channels. That adds up to 5 years and 4 months over a lifetime.


You could climb Mount Everest x32 times in 5 years!

Step 23: Spring Clean your social media

Spring-clean-your-social-media-1024x768 PHOTO CREDIT

I’m not suggesting you log out and deactivate your social media accounts as I do think there are a lot of fabulous things that social media can provide.

But it’s time to do some spring cleaning 🙂

Spring itself is symbolic of a fresh start. New life is budding and by cleaning out all the crap that surrounds us, literally and figuratively, we can welcome fresh ideas and positive growth. This usually involves cleaning out wardrobes or de-junking the garage. But our online lives can get just as cluttered as our real ones!  

Here is your checklist for spring cleaning some of the social media accounts you may have.  Be as ruthless as you would be with that denim mini skirt from 1998 that is still in your wardrobe…. Does it really still bring you happiness?!


  • Change your profile picture if it’s more than 6 months old
  • ‘Unfollow’ anyone who you still want to remain friends with but don’t feel the need to see what they ate for dinner every night
  • ‘Unfriend’ people who you would not want to go to dinner with or actually spend any time with in real life.  It’s not friendship you have – it’s curiosity
  • Check all your groups are still relevant to you
  • ‘Unlike’ any pages if needed
  • Revoke permissions for any games you’re not playing


  • Update your profile picture and bio information if needed
  • Check who you follow and remove those who annoy you!
  • Delete any posts that have turned into those exhausting 140 character Twitter spats that never end


  • Update profile picture
  • Add any new skills or experience


  • As with Twitter- ‘unfollow’ anyone who annoys the crap out of you.

So, spend the next hour cleaning up all your accounts or just deleting emails from your inbox if your social media free.  Afterwards, pour yourself a drink (of ANY kind) and celebrate. As now you have made space , you can look forward to the new ideas and people than can now enter your life.

Lots of love,

Erin xx

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