Get out of the food rut. Step 22: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

I had a student burst into tears on me this week. She was so utterly paralyzed with fear at the prospect of batting in a game of softball that she broke down and sobbed.  While listening to her fears and coaxing her to take a breath and be brave, I made a mental note to myself to do the same thing.

Now I like comfort zones. I know where I am with them and feel confident when I’m inside the boundaries. But I need to learn to step outside them regularly.

I really believe that sometimes the most uncomfortable moments  lead to important connections and renewed energy for things. My student certainly experienced that. After our chat, she took a deep breath, batted for her team, and realized the world wouldn’t end if it was a strike-out…which it was.  The next lesson, she waltzed up to the batting plate with not a care in the world.

Comfort zones in nutrition cam also be called A RUT.  You may know the concept well if you:

  • Buy mainly the same foods each week  
  • Cook the same meals every week
  • Pack the same snacks everyday
  • Use the same 3 spices to season your food (hello oregano!)
  • Always visit the same restaurants when you eat out

Step 22: Get out of your food rut

It’s time to change your habits around buying and preparing food. Get curious about different foods and challenge yourself to try something new.  Hopefully this process will help you reconnect with food and the process of preparing it.  It may give you renewed energy to cook nutrient dense meals and have cooking feel more relaxing and less like a chore.

It does take some planning. You may be comfortable heading to the supermarket and choosing random items to make into a magic meal a la Ready, Steady, Cook.

I am not one of those people.

I like picking one new recipe a week, buying those ingredients and holding myself accountable to actually making it…. Unlike all those Pinterest craft ideas that I dream of doing!



















Photo Credit: Summer Harms
Here’s some of the ideas that dragged me out of my food rut – maybe they can help you out too 🙂

Sweet Potato Toast Recommended by a friend (thanks Tracy!)  and they are bloody phenomenal.  Try to get over the weirdness of using sweet potato in this way.. It’s totally worth it.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Avocado Anything smashed with avocado sounds pretty awesome and these don’t disappoint!

Stuffed Peppers These beauties also taste fab cold.

Garlic Mushroom Frittata My kids detest mushrooms. Unless they are smothered in garlic! This dish is pretty rich in protein which will stop you reaching for a snack 30 mins later!

Off to choose my next comfort- zone- challenging recipe… what’s yours going to be?

Erin xx

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