Wellness Self-reflection. Step 19: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

We’re nearly halfway through this wellness series – HALFWAY! Woop woop.

I’ve had such great responses from this small steps to big change wellness series and I urge all of you to keep up your amazing work. Even if you find you are already including some of the practices that are covered, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate that success and commitment to yourself. And don’t forget to subscribe so the weekly step can be sent directly to your inbox 🙂

It’s been a busy but pretty awesome week for me. A Learning By Design Conference was hosted by my school in Brussels last weekend and I presented a Wellness By Design workshop with 3 of my colleagues who are trained Mindfulness and Yoga instructors.

So I wanted to share some our workshop with you dear friends! I really am so proud of everyone who has made the decision to put their health and happiness higher on their priority list and have joined me each week in taking a small step in supporting that choice.

Step 19 – Check in – where are you right now in the key wellness elements?

One of the first activities of the workshop was one I use in an educational setting too, as a self reflection tool to find out where you think you are right now in any given situation. It could be related to a mathematical concept you are trying to learn, or thinking about what role you played in the last team project? You can use it with kids of any age, to check in with how they are feeling about different topics too.

We used it to self-reflect on where you currently are in the key elements of wellness, which we defined as:

Nutrition (red), Movement (orange), Connection (yellow), Sleep/relaxation (green), Growth, passion, and outlook (blue), Self-care and stress management (purple)


Firstly, visit www.blobtree.com and get a copy of the tree image below.

(ps. Their facebook page is blob-treepretty cool too if you’re ever browsing!)















Then take 6 colors and try to identify which blob person you are in relation to each wellness element. In nutrition for example, if you are sticking to an extremely rigid diet and have never even veered off your plan for a moment, but you are thoroughly miserable and all you can think of is a cheese sandwich – you may well be the guy on the top right.

Or if you have been following this wellness series from week 1 and feel as though you have made some great changes in your habits and thoughts, you may well identify your Growth/passion/outlook element as a blob climbing the tree – on the way up.

You can have a multi colored blob person if you identify as one blob for a variety of elements.

By taking the time to see where you are right now in various elements of wellness, you can celebrate your early successes and begin to target key areas for development.

Don’t be too hard on yourself though. You may feel totally crap about one particular area but that’s perfectly ok! The simple fact that you’re aware of a need for a change is awesome. The first step in any development process is bringing awareness to the topic that needs changing.

Keep your blob tree somewhere where you’ll see it regularly – no-one needs to know what the colors stand for, but it can serve as a great inspiration to YOU to keep trucking ahead with your personal goals.

Here’s hoping your weekend is as awesome as you are!  

Erin xx


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