Step 14 : Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

Happy Valentines week, dear friends.

In the spirit of all things I love, which include good tea and Sunday breakfast with my family, I wanted to have this step focus on something your body will love. More precisely, something your gut will love.

Bone Broth.

Did you just shudder? Roll your eyes?

Stay with me friend. I used to be just the same. The idea of boiling the bones of an animal make me gip. I am not a huge meat eater and this was WAY outside my comfort zone.

But once I started studying nutrition and looked at the evidence of how bone broth can support your gut, reduce inflammation and even ease arthritic pains, I knew I had to try it.

The bones of an animal contain a bunch of cool but weird sounding stuff like gelatin, glucosamine, collagen, proline, glycine and glutamine.  To access these powerful healing agents they all need to be leached from the bones and into the broth, via a long slow simmering session.

You can read up all about Bone Broth from some industry experts such as Dr Axe, the Weston A Price Institute, and Sally Fallon (if you haven’t read her book – Nourishing Traditions – PLEASE do, I have a copy to loan out for anyone local to me).

This really isn’t just a fad or gimmick from the clean eating gang. In her awesome book, Sally Fallon explains, how in many cultures where food traditions are rich and developed, stews or soups made from bone broth are a prominent feature. They promote gut lining integrity and therefore support all body functions. If your gut isn’t happy – to a certain extent, everything else in your body will be out of whack.

The famous Jewish chicken soup is more than folklore – it’s loaded with gut healing, anti inflammatory broth, easily digestible chicken and veggies. That stuff is serious liquid gold!

Step 14 – Bone Broth

Gut healing Bone Broth

For the broth to be as powerful as possible, you need to seek out the best quality chicken or meat bones as you can afford. Meat that has been exposed to chemicals and inappropriate food is not going to heal you, but cause more irritation.

Likewise, if the water in your area isn’t great, use filtered water for maximum benefits.

Once you’ve made your broth, use it for a warming drink or as a base for soups, stews, cooking rice – the options are endless. It will also help steer you away from commercial stock cubes, which are loaded with nasties like MSG – a known toxin.

Aim to make this once a week if you can. I use my slow cooker, but you can easily use a stove top – whatever is easiest.

Happy gut, happy person 🙂

Erin xx

Ps If you’re avoiding meat for any reason, you may not have read this far! But if you did then THIS potassium rich veggie broth is an amazing health tonic too.

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