Step 10 : Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

Good morning! I hope you’ve had an awesome week and are celebrating your successes each week with this wellness series.  Remember, it’s the little steps that add up to big changes, so even if you struggle with some of them, keep focusing on the things that you ARE doing and things will move forward in the right direction.

This week is all about working your muscles! Not Arnold Schwarzenegger style, spray tanned to the max in tight undies (phew!), but more along the lines of ensuring you are being supported …literally.

It is estimated that from the age the 40, the loss of muscle mass begins and accelerates once you hit 50. Exact causes of this are still debated but lack of exercise, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and inflammation are all potential culprits.

Whatever age and stage you’re at, it’s important you have positive exercise habits which should include resistance training of some sort (eg. body-weight exercises) aerobic workouts (eg. brisk dog walks) and flexibility work (stretching and yoga).

Now, if you’re anything like me, aerobic stuff is never really an issue. Walking, biking and swimming are relatively easy for me to fit into my life, especially in my job and with active little people begging me to go to the park or forest all the time! And I adore Yoga for the physical and mental benefits it brings (check out Step 8 if you missed it).

It’s the strength and resistance training I find hard to schedule in.  I just don’t like gyms 🙁 

Luckily, I work with some super cool people who just happen to also be fitness trainers, and they were awesome enough to help me out in my quest to support my body and muscle mass. So I am happy to share with you you two short (28 mins), simple strength routines you can do at home. My kids call them Energizers!

Step 10 Energizers

Each energizer routine is 4 rounds of 6 minutes worth of exercise. Yep, 6 minute rounds. It’s a bloody tough 6 minutes but you can do anything for 6 minutes if you put your mind to it!

They are suitable for all levels and ages (yes, that means YOU, dear sister!)

You don’t need anything except a clear space in your living room and a positive mindset.  You can wear ANYTHING you like and you don’t need to feel self conscious in the slightest (and if you are, just close the curtains!) Remember, you are doing this for yourself and deserve to feel great.

Try to do these two routines every week for a month. On the other days, carry on with your walks and stretching activities. You will feel the routines get easier and easier which is always encouraging. After a month you can add in another day and create your own routines from the extra energizer movement menus below. Pick one exercise from each column and voila! A new routine.

Top tip: Find a good time to do these routines and stick to that schedule each week. Make it a non-negotiable time that cannot be cancelled.

  • It’s a meeting.
  • It’s an appointment.
  • It’s whatever you can’t bail on.

The aim is to make this a healthy habit you look forward to, not something you dread. Squeezing it in between picking up kids from school and doing the food shop is perhaps not the best moment (yes, I learned the hard way).

You’ve kicked ass for each step in this wellness series and this week will be no different. Ask a partner or friend do it with you and you can both benefit from the exercise and accountability.

I hope you enjoy the amazing feeling when you have completed these energizers! I really enjoy doing them and I am dangerously close to being able to do 10 “proper” push ups as a result.

 I kid you not – it’s a lifelong goal of mine…

Erin xx

Ps. Your health and safety should always be a priority so please consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.  

Energizer Guidelines

     day 1 energizers  Day 2 energizers  

    Extra energizer moves    Extra energizer moves 2  

  • Do as many repetitions as you can of the exercise in each column, for 1 minute. Eg. 1 minute of jumping jacks
  • After you have done all 6 exercises (each for 1 minute) enjoy a 1 minute break and some water. Phew!
  • Then repeat it all for another 3 rounds of 6 minute, totaling 24 minutes of amazing exercise


  • Always choose your form over your speed!
  • The last round may seem horrendous but STICK WITH IT.
  • Keep smiling through the sweat.  You’re awesome.


Cardio Upper Body Core Legs Core Cardio
Jumping jacks Wall push ups Elbow to Hand plank Lunges Scissor legs High Knees


Cardio Upper Body Core Legs Core Cardio
Skipping on the spot Arm pulses Boat pose twists Shoot the ball squats Spiderman plank steps Bum kicks

Workout menu for extra day(s)  Choose one exercise from each column for a new routine



Cardio Upper Body Core Legs Core Cardio
Mummy kicks

Running on the spot

Belly BIrd Pulses

Air punches

Aqua Man Plank


Standing side leg raises

Squat Jacks

Plank Jack

Bicycle Crunch

Swtch feet

Ski Jumps

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