Step 9 : Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

There’s a couple of certainties in my house, the kids will always get up at least 30 minutes earlier than normal on weekends and if a food is in the house, it will eventually be eaten.

Even if we don’t plan on eating it, or eating all of it, there is a surety that at some point we will.

When we buy foods that are heavily processed, rich in refined sugar or chemically altered fats, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Even though we know how damaging they can be, the short term taste and enjoyment factor of these foods makes us continue to buy and eat them.

Failure to plan = planning to fail

Cheesy but totally true in this case.

For you to start feeling better, you need to start eating more nutrient dense food which will nourish you. So, you’re going to need to make sure that the foods in your kitchen are supporting you in your goals. Not taking them down, one hobnob at a time.

Step 9 How’s your kitchen looking?

  • First you’ll need to complete the reflection exercise below, which will identify where you currently are in your shopping, eating and meal habits.  
  • Then your task will be to change just 5 things. Habits that self-sabotage or food that does not support your health and well-being, known in my house as Gut Grenades!

You can replace any crappy habits with positive ones and the gut grenades with delicious, nutrient dense options that will taste amazing and make your body smile 🙂

We’ll look deeper into each section of this reflection exercise and how to make further changes in a future post.

For now just remember, it’s all about small steps to big change, so please don’t ransack your cupboards and throw everything out if you’re not happy with the contents!

Click here for a PDF of My Kitchen reflectionKitchen Makeover quiz page 1

Kitchen Makeover quiz page 2

Kitchen Makeover quiz page 3


Great work today. Self reflection is bloody tough. No-one enjoys holding up a mirror to their own behaviour (or rear view!). But by doing this you have made another step towards a happier and healthier you, through starting to think about your habits and routines, and not just living on auto-pilot.

So give yourself a pat on the back or a jazzy high-five. Me? I’m all about the fist pump today.

I’m proud of you and hope you are too.

Big love,

Erin xx


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