Next March, there is a conference hosted by my school, called Learning by Design. It’s shaping up to be a pretty cool event with educators from around the world joining together to share innovation, ideas and practice.

By nature the design process is one of constant evolution. A simple idea leads to a plan, which turns into an experiment with variable results. After review and adjustment, another experiment happens….and another, and maybe another.

Reflection on past failure and success is common practice when you’re designing something, because you want it to be THE best it can be.

And good enough, is simply not good enough.

So I find myself in a position whereby both my personal and professional practices could be under my review.

Just as I regularly reflect on my teaching practice, to discover how I can help my students achieve their learning goals, it’s clear I also need to do this in my personal life, to optimize my health and well-being.

And January 1 is renowned for being THE date to reflect and review so I’m right on time!

Your turn now!  Ask yourself…

  • Is my health really in the best state it can be?
  • Do I make time for daily activity and stress release?
  • Am I nourishing myself with whole foods and making the time to cook and prepare meals as often as possible?
  • How are my finances? Am I avoiding anything? Do I know where my money goes?
  • Do I surround myself with people who love and accept the awesome, craziness that is me?

And please don’t forget that in the design process, you NEED to mess up, make mistakes and experience utter failings in order to create a better version.

So if 2016 wasn’t an award winning year for you, don’t dwell on it. Shake it off as an experience and keep looking forward.

Mac computers didn’t start life as the sexy things they are now – they used to be clumpy, slow and pretty primitive.

And how many reviews and adjustments have Gilette razors gone through? Each one designed to make the men who use them feel even more powerful, masculine and successful!

My point is, that we are the designers of our own lives. We need to be willing to accept the screw ups and the things which didn’t go to plan, as part of a process. Our design process.


Once we’ve acknowledged the screw ups and challenges, we can adjust and make any changes. It doesn’t matter if you’re on version 2.0 of yourself or version 28736 – just keep on designing.

I truly hope you continue to join me each week in making one small step towards supporting yourself. Each step is designed to lead to big changes in habits and outlook, to help you become the BEST version of you. Subscribe on the right toolbar so you don’t miss a mail!

Ok – time to go.

I wish you a wonderful 2017.  May it be as amazing as you are.

Erin xx

ps. Don’t forget to share your life design plans in the comments or use #LifeByDesign on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.



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