Step 4: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

Hello friend!

I am so proud of you for deciding to come back each week and take a new step in supporting your health and well being.

So often we put our work/family/money/partner/washing/cleaning before ourselves, and inevitably it ends up with us feeling less than our best, frustrated and pretty miserable.

This is not ok!

I will say it again. You deserve to feel amazing.

Yes, of course we still have to go to work, look after our kids, clean the house etc. We can’t just spend our entire lives focusing on ourselves, doing yoga on the beach, in a constant state of zen. Ommmmmm….

As lovely as that sounds, it’s just not reality.

But self care is important. In fact it’s critical to both your well-being and those around you. After all, you can’t pour from an empty teapot!

So thanks for joining me for Step 4 of ‘Small Steps to Big Change’ – Making Soup. Mmmmm….Soup.

Step 4: Make your own soup.

Soup features in almost every culture and traditional diet in some form.

Before the emergence of croissants and coffee in post war France, children used to drink left over soup before school. The Japanese begin their day with a warming bowl of fish broth and rice. In folk wisdom, rich chicken broth – the famous Jewish penicillin – is a valued remedy for the flu.

And from a modern day point of view, soup is one of the most cost and time-effective ways of getting nutrient dense foods into your daily life. The simple mixture of water, herbs, vegetables, protein and potatoes can create a quick and easy meal – that tastes a-maz-ing!

Now, I understand that the very idea of making your own soup may seem very time consuming, when it’s WAY easier to just open up a can of organic, hearty vegetable soup. Companies have done a great job of convincing us that they can do a better job of making soup than we can.

But you are not doing yourself justice with store bought, canned versions.

Your body deserves fresh, real ingredients, free from thickening agents or conservatives that keep the soup good until 2021.

In an ideal world soups should be made from homemade broth or stock. And this IS something that will feature in the ‘Small Steps to Big Change’ series, as homemade stock is literally Liquid Gold!

But we’re taking things slowly.

We’re making small, sustainable changes. And if you are used to eating canned or store bought soup, boiling bones for hours  for stock or making potassium rich vegetable bouillon is not a small change!

Aim to make 2 batches of soup a week to start with. One on Sunday and one midweek. You can use a slow cooker too, if time is really short.

Get into the habit of drinking a cup of soup before your main meal – my kids love it, as it takes the edge off when they get home from school and dinner isn’t ready! #NoHangryKids

Some of my favourite soups are listed below. They are all nutrient dense and extremely delicious. And for those Brits who crave a bowl of the famous creamy tomato soup – check out my version here – it won’t disappoint!  

Sweet Potato, Apple and Tumeric (thanks Tracey – it’s defo on my top 5 list now!)

Carrot soup with caramelized onions

Roasted Red Pepper

Spiced Lentil

Minty pea and potato

A quick word about stock cubes.

Since we are taking things slowly and not using homemade broth or stock (yet!) you will need to use a stock cube or bouillon powder for your soup. Please be aware that a lot of commercial stock cubes are loaded with nasties – including things like hydrolyzed vegetable protein and neurotoxic compounds like MSG (yuck!).

Look for Kallo cubes if you can find them – they are a great alternative and have low salt ones too for anyone sensitive or cooking for little people.

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful week.

Erin x

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One thought on “Step 4: Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

  1. These sound AMAZING Erin!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Reading your post is like having a tea and chat with you. THANK YOU for making Sébastien some liquid gold in hospital in March!!!!!

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