Your guide to Amazing Apples

Apples are totally underrated in my opinion.  

I mean, yes, they do get a big plug in the “an apple a day…” quote, but apart from that they don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

As I walked the fruit and veg section during my food shop this weekend, I felt a pang of sadness for apples (don’t judge – I was tired and hormonal!).

At eye level, were the sparkly, exotic, and totally out of season fruits, from far-flung places. Surrounding them were more appropriate fruits for this time of year, and all nicely displayed in wicker baskets and crates.

At the very bottom of the shelves were the apples. Thrown into  buckets. 

Lovely, crunchy, organic and LOCAL apples.

So I went crazy and bought a bunch of different varieties to enjoy this week.  

How bout them apples?

Apples are fibre rich rock-stars in the fruit world with around 5g per large apple.  Women need around 25g of fibre per day for optimal bowel health, so an apple a day really can do wonders!  If you’re not used to eating adequate amounts of fibre, and suddenly increase your amounts, you may find you struggle with bloating and gas.  Drinking lots of water will help and your body will slowly get used to things – and you’ll end up feeling MUCH better than before.

Added bonuses of eating apples are that you will add solid levels of Potassium and Vitamin C to your diet, which support blood pressure and help fight off free radicals – the nasties that make you susceptible to illness.

Apple Picking

Unfortunately, apples are often heavily sprayed with dirty pesticides which wreak havoc with your health. So be sure to get organic, local apples if you can.

Below is a little guide to help you pick the perfect apple.

I think sweet apples work really well when gently heated with raisins, cinnamon and a blob of ghee or coconut oil.  Zingy apples are amazing with almond or any nut butter. 

Enjoy your apples everyone. They may be on the bottom shelf but they are my top pick today 🙂

Erin xx





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