Step 3 – Small Steps to Big Change Wellness Series

Step 3  –  Be Honest with yourself.

To really be able to make positive changes in our lives we need to be honest with ourselves.

Ask yourself:  Where are you, right now, in terms of your health, nutrition, finances, career, spirituality? Are you doing everything you can to be the best version of you? The version that you can be proud of.

 Not your parents, your friends, or partner. YOU.

A common bad habit (and one I am definitely guilty of) is filling the quiet time in your head. The time you could use to reflect and assess your current situation. See if either of these seem familiar:

  • If the bus is 3 minutes away, you check your emails and your social media
  • The few moments when you arrive at the restaurant first, you reach for your phone or book.
  • While walking home, you call a friend or family member

We are not giving ourselves time to think….literally.

When you allow yourself to take the time, with a quiet mind, to reflect. To be honest with yourself. That’s when the magic can happen.

Pick one habit you think may be holding you back. One weakness. Is it coming home from work hungry and reaching for processed meals? Is it checking your social media more than is healthy for you?

Once you’ve identified what that is you can take the steps to address it.

We do not need to keep doing something that is holding us back and harming us.



If you are making the same mistake over and over acknowledge it. Be honest with yourself. Why do you keep doing it? Then choose a new path. It doesn’t have to a perfect path, just one that supports you in your health and well-being.

The purpose of  the “Small Steps to Big Change” series – is to take your time – don’t try to do too much at once.

The guidelines for this week are:

  1. Take some time to stop and think. It doesn’t have to be long. Be honest with yourself and reflect on where you are right now.
  2. Identify one thing you would like to change. One habit that is not serving or supporting you.
  3. Make a plan to change it. Maybe you get up 30 minutes earlier for a quick workout. Perhaps you batch cook on a Sunday evening for midweek meals. You could also turn off your phone once in awhile (eek!)

Enjoy this exercise. It’s a small step that will lead to a big change.

And you deserve you feel great.

Erin x

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