Small Steps to Big Change – Wellness Series Launch!

November has always been a good month for me. The chaos surrounding the start of a new school year has passed; everyone is into their teaching / learning groove and the weather finally turns cool enough for me to switch to cosy sweaters and cute socks in boots….you get it.

It’s also time when our health can take a bit of a hit, as the change in season is usually accompanied by new bugs and viruses, ready to take you down and cover you in snot.

Recently I was talking to my neighbour, who was fighting a snot war herself, about how she could support her health this winter (so as not to repeat her horrendous one last year) and it crossed my mind that perhaps we are trying to do too much at once to stay  / get healthy.  She mentioned that she had tried a bunch of supplements, new recipes, meditation apps, yoga classes, mindfulness podcasts and nothing had really worked for her.  She was still chronically tired, stressed out and oh so vulnerable to those nasty bugs and viruses.

I made a joke about making a weekly planner for her, with one small step she could take each week to improve her health and stress levels, without being overwhelmed by change….

And here we are…  the ‘Small steps to Big Change’ series.

It will be a slow but steady journey everyone and I am thrilled to have to join me.  We can look back after 3, 6, or 12 months and celebrate every small step and big change. Huge congrats to YOU for deciding to make the first step towards improving your health and happiness.

We start Friday.  Get some sleep and wake up on Friday knowing that it will be a great day.

Erin xx

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